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In The Most Magnificent Lighter Structure

Completed Projects

  • گنبد استین گلس شیشه‌ای دست ساز نقوش ایرانی
    One of the most Iranian motifs in glass domes for Architaj team, is Ferdows garden project which is executed in private garden building of Mr. Najafi and in arrival domain of cinema museum. The designation of this work was done in 1394 by Mrs. Eng. Tootzari and design confirmation to execution process took a long time, due to building process of the project, and it was installed and delivered in 1395. Some of Iranian motifs were used in stained glasses of this project, so that this glass dome being emerged as a handcraft carpet made by glass and the shining […]
  • سازه فری فرم ساختمان فیوره آمل
    For the first time in Iran, the free form structure was implemented in Amol city. The free form structures are a kind of combinational structures which can coverage any kind of cross section in raging form and without any need to pillar, using space triangulation. These structures have been implemented by some of commercial buildings by foreigner contractors, and Architaj team benefits it could make this unique technology and design localized, and it could design and implement it using technical and engineering staff and craftsmen of its own team, by supervision of Eng. Jame Bozorg. The same structure with elliptic […]
  • پروژه گنبد استین گلس اکسین آمل
    The greatest and most unique stained glass structure in Iran and Middle East was accomplished in Oxyn commercial building in Amol city, by Architaj technical and engineering team, in autumn of 1397. This structure, with its 18m diameter for length of dome gate, is the largest structure which has been mounted on stained glasses, and it’s located in void center of this commercial building in Amol city entrance in Mazandaran province. The project employee Dr. Taheri and Eng. Mokhberi as designer and constructor of this building wanted immediate construction with highest qualities I doing all contracting affairs, because of their […]

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a handmade technique made by joining different colored, patterned and knitted glass and in fact, it is a merging of glass with metal that has been relied on art to strengthen its position in architecture and interior design.


15 years of experience in Architaj

The engineering and technical department of Architaj, with the management of Mr. Jameh Bozorg and Mrs. Tootzari and having specialist staff and experts, has been working on special and hybrid structures for 15 years.

This activity has been carried out with various names over the years. Today these experiences presented as Architaj brand and it could have been the largest company to develop its activities on the construction of a glass-metal hybrid structure, stained glass and free form structures in Iran and other countries.

The Architaj complex, along with engineers, architects and technical experts and holding several glass and structure workshops, is the most specialized collection in the field of composite structures that operate vastly in Iran and middle east.

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